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  • Damp firewood doesn’t sound great for building a nice, roaring fire. But if your firewood got wet in rain or from standing on moist ground, fear not. Things can be salvaged. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through what to do if you’ve got......

  • Nothing puts a bigger downer on a nice evening outside than the relentless company of mosquitoes. These persistent critters appear sometime around dusk, then proceed to make an uninterrupted nuisance of themselves for several hours. And while they usually confine their antics to summer, our......

  • Being environmentally friendly is a core part of the Logwise ethos. In the decade we’ve been in business, we’re proud to have done the following things to contribute to a greener future: Use our waste wood as fuel in the biomass heaters that dry our......

  • If you’ve bought some premium British firewood from Logwise and you’re wondering where to store it, let us give you a hand. This blog post runs through firewood storage considerations and tells you how best to store it indoors and outdoors. Where should you store......

  • According to the Woodland Trust, “Ash dieback will kill up to 95% of ash trees across the UK.” This is a serious disease that is ravaging UK ash populations, and this blog post tells you all you need to know about ash dieback: What it......

  • We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Proper kindling is the secret to a good fire. Holding a lighter to a log isn’t going to light it. For a fire to start, the wood needs to reach a high enough temperature to catch......

  • Sometimes it feels like we’re living through history, and it’s fair to say that this feeling applies now.  Things have changed a lot since our last blog post, in ways we could barely have imagined a fortnight ago – let alone at the start of......

  • Here at Logwise, we offer a broad range of logs. In a previous blog post, we looked at how to choose the best firewood from the hardwood, softwood, and kiln dried logs that we sell. But many people wonder whether certain species of wood burn......

  • Big news! From 2023, it will be illegal to burn coal or wet wood in your home. And from February 2021 it will be illegal to sell wood fuel with over 20% moisture content. These are big changes for the industry, but not for Logwise.......

  • We sell hardwood logs, kiln dried logs, and softwood logs. Here they are, in all their glory: But maybe you’re wondering: what’s the difference between these types of firewood? In another blog post, we give the technical definition: hardwood logs come from angiosperms – deciduous trees – which lose......

Customer Reviews

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What our customers say

Diane Bell 05/06/21

Excellent, quick communication, good delivery and great quality logs. Great company, good prices and quality logs

Peter Keohane 07/05/21

Super service as always and top quality logs.

William Lupton 04/05/21

Quick delivery and very high quality wood

Customer 20/04/21

Helpful and efficient- Gareth left my logs as close to my woodshed as possible which was a nice surprise (with the vehicles on my driveway I was expecting them to be left at the end). The extra effort he went to was much appreciated.

Gideon 10/03/21

Friendly staff, super quality.
Best in the area...

Ann Press 03/03/21

Gareth and the team are really helpful and fast delivery. Good quality kiln dried logs and a consistent size that burn well in our log burner.

Barry Carter 03/03/21

Nice company, local, and UK stock

mattw89 02/03/21

Quick and friendly delivery and logs are great. Very impressed and will use again!

Steve Wright 24/02/21

Quick order response, delivered on time. And the stuff burns well. What more could I want?

Chris Scarth 21/02/21

My only criticism is when you order on line it does not tell you when delivery will be. We ordered on a Saturday but had to wait until the following Thursday for delivery. The logs are good quality kiln dried and burn well (much better than we have had from elsewhere previously). Logs were left exactly where we had asked them to be. Would use again.