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Bonfire Night: Why Firewood Is Best

Bonfire Night, also known as Guy Fawkes Night, is a time for us to gather around a blazing fire, celebrating the historical events of 5th November. While we commemorate this tradition with a grand spectacle, it’s important to consider the environmental impact and safety concerns surrounding this celebration. Logwise is here to guide you on how to use firewood in a responsible and eco-friendly manner to make your Bonfire Night memorable.

Firepits and Chiminea

Firepits and Chiminea urns are fantastic additions to any Bonfire Night celebration. They provide a contained and controlled environment for your fire, ensuring safety. Using firewood in these designated areas reduces the risk of accidental fires and prevents the burning of foliage where hedgehogs and other animals may be hibernating. 

Sustainable Firewood

At Logwise, we prioritize sustainability. Using sustainable firewood is not only better for the environment but also safer for your Bonfire Night festivities. Look for firewood that has been sourced responsibly, preferably from managed forests. This ensures that you are not contributing to deforestation and are using a renewable resource.

Safer for Wildlife

Bonfire Night often coincides with the hibernation season for many animals, such as hedgehogs. Using firewood in controlled firepits and Chiminea significantly reduces the chances of burning foliage where these creatures might be sheltering. This simple choice can help protect wildlife and their habitats.

Controlled Flames and easy to light

Using firewood in firepits or Chiminea allows you to have better control over the flames. It’s safer compared to traditional bonfires, which can quickly get out of hand, posing a danger to people, property, and the environment. Using our Kiln dried Softwood is a cheap and easy to light solution for your bonfire party, not only that but it has a high calorific content meaning it will keep you even warmer on the cold night of November.

Eco-Friendly Atmosphere

Opting for a firewood-fueled bonfire creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for gathering with friends and family. The crackling of the wood and the natural scent of burning firewood enhance the experience, all while being kind to the environment.


After the festivities, cleanup is easier when using firewood in firepits and Chiminea. You can simply dispose of the ashes and charred wood safely, leaving no lasting damage to the surroundings.

Bonfire Night is a time for joy and celebration, and using our Kiln dried Softwood is a cheap and easy to light solution for your bonfire needs, not only that it is safe and eco-friendly. By using a firepit you not only create a safer environment for your guests but also protect the habitats of hibernating wildlife. Choose sustainable firewood to minimize your impact on the environment, and enjoy the warmth and charm of a firewood-fuelled bonfire. Logwise is your trusted partner for a memorable and responsible bonfire night celebration. CLICK HERE to purchase our Kin dried Softwood!

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