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Logs in crates


  • Product of the EU
  • Sourced from sustainably managed woodlands
  • Forest Stewardship Council certified timber
  • Clean burn and high heat output
  • Efficiently stacked for easy access

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Benefits of kiln dried softwood

  • Dried in a controlled environment to ensure low moisture levels.
  • An average moisture content of 20% or below means these logs burn cleanly and efficiently. A high heat output means a comforting burn.
  • Fewer stains due to lower sap and tar build-ups.
  • Less moisture and sap means far fewer crackles and pops when this wood burns.

Minimal carbon footprint

  • We source our wood locally from Yorkshire-based well-managed sustainable woodland.
  • We package our wood in locally sourced and recycled (or recyclable) packaging.
  • We reuse wooden pallets or use their wood to build new pallets.
  • We source and print our plastic packaging in the UK.
  • We use a biomass kiln to dry our wood, and power the stove with the wood waste from our site.


  • Sustainability is a core value of our business. We have planted over 500,00 trees and make donations to ongoing woodland management through the Woodland Trust.
  • The Logwise Quality Assured scheme provides full information on the types of wood and the woodland the timber came from with each order, along with the processing and packaging timeline.


  • A clean burn means these logs are suitable for stoves, chimineas and wood-fired ovens


  • Our logs are cut to 23cm length, then split to 5-15cm (+/- 5%)

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