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Why it’s cheaper not to buy firewood at petrol stations

Looking to pick up some logs? Then you’ve come to the right place: at Logwise we can tell you exactly what you need for your type of fireplace, and where to get your fuel cheaply, too.

Today, we’re looking at why petrol stations are one of the last places you should consider shopping for firewood.

1. Expertise

The average shop assistant at a petrol station is unlikely to know much about the world of wood. They won’t be able to tell you how much you need, which type to buy or how dry it should be for optimum burning.

They also may not know where the wood has come from and whether it’s sustainably grown or not. That’s in stark contrast to our experts at Logwise, who know our wood inside out and can help you make the best decision for your fireplace type (and your conscience). 

2. Choice

If you’re lucky enough to find firewood at a petrol station for your log burner, great – but they probably won’t have a huge selection to choose from. In fact, they may only sell one kind, and it’s likely not going to be of the highest quality, either.

That’s where we differ. At Logwise, we’ve got hardwood and softwood options for your log burner, with wood that’s been seasoned (dried naturally outside) or kiln-dried, depending on your preference. Plus, we can help you find the right accessories, too – like baskets and log stores to safely and dryly stow your logs.

3. Delivery

We’ve never heard of a petrol station that delivers! But with Logwise, you can place large bulk orders and have them not only delivered to your home address, but wrapped in vented mosquito net bags, which help to keep logs clean, dry and ready to burn.

Ordering regularly from us is a lot more convenient than picking up a bag on the odd occasion when you fill up the car, and will help to keep your vehicle clean, too.

4. Size

Whether you’ve got a wood-burning stove, garden fire pit, open fire or some other kind of fireplace in or outside your home, you’ll want your firewood to be the perfect size to light right away.

When you shop with Logwise, you can choose the length of your logs when you place your order. We can cut them small (around 20cm long), medium (25-35cm) or large (35cm-40cm), depending on your needs. And you can order huge bags at a time, with our team doing all the heavy lifting.

5. Packaging

The eco-conscious among you will be delighted to hear about our packaging at Logwise. We reuse our pallets; we wrap our logs in recycled materials; we dry many of our logs naturally outside (seasoning) and we’re involved in woodland management projects, where we plant thousands of trees each year.

Much of our packaging is either recycled or recyclable, and sourced and printed in the UK, too. Finally, we use our own wood waste to power our kilns. 

6. Sustainability 

Our wood at Logwise is sourced locally from Yorkshire-based, well-managed and sustainable woodland. In fact, for every order we receive, we provide information on what your wood is and where it’s been grown as part of the Logwise Quality Assured scheme.

While on the subject of sustainability, our softwood grows quickly on plantations, which means it can be planted and grown back fast when it’s cut down. It’s actually one of the most popular – and the most eco – types of wood we sell.

7. Range

We don’t just sell logs at Logwise – we’ve got lots of ways to get your fire going. Even better, everything is either sourced locally, or is a natural by-product of the processing we do on-site.

Kindling: quick and easy to light, containing less than 10% moisture

Chopping blocks: measuring almost half a metre high for easy chopping

Briquettes: super-efficient and made from wood shavings from our kiln

Eco firelighters: chemical-free and made from our softwood shavings, dipped in wax

8. Efficiency 

At Logwise, we often talk about the moisture content of our wood. That’s because the more damp your logs are, the harder it is to get a fire going – and the more smoke that fire will create. Our wood contains less than 30% moisture and is properly stored to ensure it’s kept as dry as possible.

However, we’ve often seen petrol stations storing wood outside where it’s left to the mercy of the elements – meaning you could have difficulty using it when lighting your fire. 

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