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The Best smelling firewood

We talk lots about how calming, almost hypnotic it is to watch a log fire burn. We also love how warm and cosy it makes us feel. But we often forget that log fires can smell amazing too.

Log fires don’t just look and feel nice – they can smell nice too.

A pleasant smelling log fire has to be one of the best smells going, so in this article, we’ll be exploring some of the best smelling firewood along with plenty of other information to help you choose the best wood to create a fabulous fiery aroma.

Firewood that smells amazing

Here at logwise two of our favourite types of firewood for fragrance are birch and oak.

Birch trees tend to grow in cooler climates and come in a range of colours such as grey, silver and yellow.

When burned, birch logs produce a subtle and somewhat sweet aroma. This scent is popular in incense too, thanks to its calming qualities.

Birch has a light, sweet aroma

Oak firewood has a mild, earthy scent when burned which will really evoke memories of balmy, sunny evenings – coincidentally, also a great time to burn it!

Here at logwise our bags of hardwood logs contain both birch and oak, whilst the other logs are fairly odourless, meaning when burned you will get to enjoy a gorgeous mixture of these two deliciously smelling woods.

Other great firewood for great smells include cherry, apple, hickory, walnut and pine.

Why does firewood smell?

All wood has its own unique scent, with some smelling better than others.

If you find that the wood you are burning smells particularly nasty it is probably because it is rotten. For firewood to smell its best it should be properly seasoned.

What is seasoned firewood?

Seasoned firewood means that the water has been evaporated from the wood, and this is done by letting the wood dry out for a couple of seasons, hence the name!

Seasoned wood will burn more cleanly and efficiently so it is the best option when it comes to log fires.

Here at Logwise all our firewood is seasoned to perfection. 

Quality matters

Quality matters more than the type of wood you use when it comes to how good it smells. Wood that is in poor condition will smell much less appealing than seasoned, high-quality wood.

In fact, low-quality wood can actually smell completely revolting so choosing wood in good condition should always be a priority!

logwise quality assured logo

All the wood we supply is Logwise Quality Assured, not to mention being ethically sourced. You can learn more about what sets our company apart here.

Other tricks to make your log fire smell sensational

If the aroma from your log fire still isn’t doing it for you there are several things you can add to the fire to bump up the whiff.

Dried orange and lemon peel can be thrown in to produce a sweet and fruity fragrance. For even sweeter scents chuck in pinecones or cinnamon sticks.

Placing a small bundle of rosemary on the outer part of the fire will fill the room with a sweet, pine-like smell.

A few drops of aromatherapy oils such as lavender and vanilla can be added to your logs to infuse the room with pleasant perfume. Just let the drops dry before lighting the fire.

“I vote for sausages!”

And last but not least, sausages… Only joking!

(Although that would be my dog’s first suggestion if she was given the choice.)

As you can see from this blog, choosing good quality, well-seasoned wood that is known to smell good will make a huge difference to how that burning fire smells.

So hop onto our website and grab yourself a bag of our high-quality, seasoned firewood and level up the smell of your fire.

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