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Reasons to get a log burner

The nights are drawing in earlier and earlier, we’re getting deeper and deeper into autumn, and more of us are switching on the heating in the evenings or piling on the blankets.

But with recent increases to energy bills and the cost of living piling up, savvy savers are looking to wood-burning stoves as a way to heat their homes instead.

Whether you’re still on the fence about a log burner or you’ve already made up your mind (and just need to convince your spouse), here are our top five reasons to invest in a log burner this season.

1. Bills, bills bills

A log burner can be a great money-saver for your home, especially when it’s set up correctly and running efficiently. One of the biggest benefits of this type of fire is that instead of paying to keep the whole house warm, you can focus on your living room (or wherever you’ve installed your log burner) and turn off your heating altogether.

Not only that, but boilers and other heating systems can easily become overworked or need costly repairs or check-ups as the weather cools. Thankfully, you won’t need to worry about any of this with a wood-burning stove.

2. No power? No problem

If you’ve got electric radiators or plug-in heaters, annoying power cuts (or worse, the government-forced blackouts that are rumoured to be on the horizon) could really bring the cold in.

With a log burner — and plenty of firewood, coal and starter material to get those flames really going — you’ll be well-prepared for any situation. After all, a roaring fire is an excellent source of both warmth and light.

3. Eco energy

Burning wood is surprisingly low in carbon, especially when compared to other fuels like coal. In fact, a log burner actually uses less energy to create the same amount of heat as your radiator does.

Many producers of firewood are also involved in replanting projects which help to reabsorb any of the C02 (carbon dioxide) that burning creates, or sell wood ‘waste’ that would otherwise go unused, and experts also refer to wood as a renewable source of energy.

With so many types of fuel to choose from — briquettes, softwood logs, hardwood logs — you can make a conscious choice that lowers your environmental impact.

While we’re on the subject of being more eco, did you know that log burners can be a lot more efficient than alternatives, like open fires? That’s because their clever design helps to re-circulate combustion particles, so gasses within the smoke are properly burned.

These kinds of stoves can also burn at a much higher temperature. Overall, you could be looking at thermal efficiency of around 80%, compared to the 20% of an open fire.

4. A homely touch

If you think about it, mankind has always been drawn to the flame, whether for bonding together, sharing stories or simply keeping warm. There’s something safe, cosy and almost magical about gathering around the fire, listening to the pop and crackle of the flames as they dance and cast shadows.

Some people even think a welcoming fire can have mental health benefits, like improving your sense of wellbeing or lowering stress. And as well as us, our pets love to lounge in front of a flickering flame for a snug snooze.

When you think about it, a glorious fire may well be the thing you remember when you look back on happy family memories — and the thing you most look forward to after a busy day at work.

5. A worthy investment

Could a log burner improve your property’s selling price, or make it more attractive to buyers? Absolutely it could! With such a huge shift to remote working, many people are swapping busy city life and eggbox flats for more rural locations, complete with a cosy log burner to fire up on a cold day.

But, in the interests of being honest, those who are considering moving should weigh up installation and renovation costs before committing to spending. And, if you do go ahead with a wood-burning stove, don’t be surprised if it changes your mind about moving altogether!

So, there you go

Those are our top five reasons for getting a log burner in 2022. Whether it’s a cosy place to unwind after work, a way to significantly reduce your bills or just doing your bit to live more sustainably (and be kinder to the planet along the way), you’ll find a wood-burning stove could be a brilliant investment for you and your family.

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