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Logs for sale in Edinburgh

A world-famous capital of culture, Edinburgh is a truly amazing city. For many they’ll only tread the cobbled streets in the heat of summer, visiting for the festival. For the lucky residents, though, they get to bask in the splendour year-round.

If you count yourselves amongst these hallowed few, you’ve probably noticed how far the temperature drops in the winter months. That’s probably how you found this page – looking for firewood near you in Edinburgh.

Why choose Logwise for firewood in Edinburgh?

So, if you’re here and wondering whether a Yorkshire-based company are best placed to suit your needs, let us help you out. Here are six reasons why Logwise Firewood are a great choice for Edinburghers:

We offer free delivery to all of mainland Scotland. If you order before 11am, your order will be despatched on the same day. This means your wood will be with you nice and promptly. Our whole range is Ready to Burn accredited, signifying high quality firewood with long burn times for a nice, hearty fire. We source our wood in and around Yorkshire rather than relying on EU imports, as many suppliers do. This means a much smaller carbon footprint. As well as wood we sell accessories to help get your fire started and your logs organised: firelighters, kindling, briquettes, log stores and more. We’re on hand through the week to answer any questions or queries you may have

Edinburgh firewood delivery areas

As we’ve said, we deliver to all postcodes on the UK mainland. In Edinburgh that means firewood in Newhaven, Craigleith, Boswall, Portobello, Joppa, Danderhall and everywhere in between.

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