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Finding the Perfect Fit with Different Log Sizes

Whether you’re new to the world of log burning or you’re simply looking to pick up some tips to make your fires burn brighter and more efficiently, you’ve come to the right place.

At Logwise, we’ve decades of experience in selecting and seasoning woods that create the warmest, cosiest and longest-lasting fires – as well as being low-smoke, low-emission and easy-maintenance. Take a look at which size log works best for different set-ups below, and don’t forget to browse our website for great firewood bundles.


It could be a crackling fire for sharing stories, camping around or celebrating a special occasion, like bonfire night. Or it could be a place to come together and cook. Hardwoods often make great fuel for campfires, including oak – which has a slow, steady burn while kicking out a surprising amount of heat.

For the best burn, and the biggest bonfire, you’ll want to use logs hewn into hefty chunks around 40cm long, which we offer as our large size. And if you’re considering cooking outdoors, we’ve got some great recipes to help you out here.

Fire pits

Many people use fire pits as a way to keep warm on cooler nights, although some people cook on them occasionally. You’ll want to choose your wood size according to your firepit – generally our standard size of around 25cm long works well here.

Chimeneas can be a little more problematic, though, as they’re often much smaller. For those, you’ll likely want our bag of wood chunks. We can also offer wood cut to lengths of around 20cm, which typically fits standard stoves.

Log burners

In a log burner, standard 25cm logs will fit most sizes. You might also need to consider things like kindling, briquettes and firelighters to get your fire going. Don’t forget that how quickly your logs will burn depends on what wood you’re using; how dry the wood is; and how clean your log burner is. If you need tips on setting up your wood burning stove, just ask our team.


Again, fireplaces can – and do – vary in size. But standard fireplaces, which measure just over a metre wide, are great for our standard 25cm logs. Much of the advice we’ve shared for log burners applies here, too.

Storing your firewood

We’ve got some great ideas for keeping your firewood stocked up and stacked high, all year round. You’ll find two different sizes of log store available on our website, large and small. Both of them have been built to last and a far cry from the flimsy, self-assembly stores often seen at garden centres and petrol stations. Our log stores are also built from locally sourced FSC timber, which has been treated to resist pests and rot. Alternatively, we stock some lovely baskets that can be used to house your wood indoors.

Other considerations 

Aside from the size of your logs, you’ll want to feel confident you’re making the right choice in terms of quality and sustainability. Here are a few benefits of choosing logs from Logwise:

  • Seasoned to perfection: Our logs are either seasoned outdoors or dried in our wood-waste powered kilns. This keeps moisture levels low, which in turn prevents smoke when burning and ensures a steady, even, hot flame.
  • Hardwood and softwood: The choice is yours – with lots of different wood types to choose from. Generally speaking, softwoods are cheaper and burn faster, while hardwoods have a higher calorific value and burn for longer (which can make them more expensive). But, whatever you choose, you’ll get a burn that’s suited to your style of fireplace, from a wood stove to an outdoor fire.
  • Sustainability: All our wood comes with the Quality Assured promise, meaning you know where it’s been grown and what process it’s been through. Other advantages of shopping with us are our commitment to solar-powered energy; our wood-waste powered kilns; our tree-planting scheme; and our years of industry experience. 

Shopping for firewood? Or looking for a place to store it outdoors? Then check out our range of firewood today. You’ll find hardwood and softwood options, as well as kindling, briquettes and firelighters. Plus, we offer great-value wholesale prices to businesses. And if you need firewood at a different size, why not speak to our team? We’d be happy to help.

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