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Decorating Ideas For Your Wood-Burning Stove

There are few home comforts like a roaring fire – but how do you go about decorating a wood-burning stove and making it really feel part of your space?

Whether you’ve got an open-plan home, want to create a super cosy living room or kitchen, or are thinking of enhancing a fireplace in your bedroom, we’ll explore some ideas for creating a beautifully decorated wood-burning stove for your home. 

1. Tried-and-tested stone

Charming, rustic and textured, stone is one of those classic building materials that will always look the part – and add durability into the mix, too.

While you probably won’t have space to incorporate thick stone bricks around your wood-burning stove, you can buy stone facing in most garden centres, like B&Q or Homebase. These typically come in one- to three-inch slabs that can simply be mixed and matched to create an attractive design. Alternatively, you could try small patio slabs for a cheaper option.

2. Ornamental tiles 

Most tiles can resist heat (though do check before buying) and can introduce pattern, print and a decorative twist to your fireplace. Even a plain tile, applied neatly, can look fantastic – and you can try creating a herringbone or diamond design for interest.

Many people also choose to tile the hearth (floor of the fireplace), which can be done to complement or contrast – whatever your taste!

3. Functional mantelpiece

There are so many types of mantelpiece available these days, that the sky really is the limit when finding one that suits your style. You can opt for a simple, rustic wood beam; a traditional piece of cast iron; or even durable, yet cheaper, plastic look-alikes.

One of the reasons a mantelpiece is so popular is because it’s a handy shelf that can hold all your favourite photos, books and ornaments, making it a wonderfully practical choice above your wood-burning stove.

4. Hidden alcove

Whether you’ve got a standard wood-burning stove or a corner one, an alcove can add just the right amount of homeliness while keeping your space feeling warm, bright and cosy.

You can choose to paint your alcove, tile it, and many of the other suggestions we’ve already covered. For a minimalistic, modern look, just go for white or limed paint, or leave unfinished. 

5. Wallpapered or painted surround

A traditional fireplace surround can really make a statement out of your wood-burning stove, completing the look and drawing focus. While you can opt for ornamental wood (or even plain wood) here, we love to see a painted surround – the brighter, the better!

Alternatively, if investing time, money and effort into a built-out surround isn’t your thing, create the illusion of one by either painting directly on your walls or using wallpaper to frame your fireplace. Again, complement or contrast according to your taste. 

6. Entertainment centre

Many people choose to build a bespoke entertainment centre – that’s a housing for their TV, audio player or games consoles – in their homes. This involves made-to-measure shelving and cupboards that can be used to store books, DVDs, games and other knick-knacks.

In recent years, with more of us tending to use mobiles, tablets and other devices to watch TV, we’ve seen a return to people building these centres around their wood-burning stove instead. It helps create a cosy, social feeling in your room while making more of a focal point out of your fireplace, and it’s a practical use of all that lovely space, too.

7. Accessories

Will it be a coal shuttle and poker? A traditional log store? Or little homely touches, like picture frames, candles and other ornaments? Accessories are one of the more personal ways of bringing your wood-burning stove to life. Again, the options are endless – think about the different ways you could store your fuel (basket, box, alcove) and materials that would complement your design.

You can then extend this aesthetic into the rest of your space (such as through fabrics and soft furnishings) for a cohesive look. We’d also advise thinking about a fireguard for those with pets and children – although wood-burning stoves can be safer than open fires. 

Don’t forget your fuel!

Even with the nicest wood-burning stove and beautifully decorated home, you won’t get far without fuel. Take a look at our website to see the different products we’ve got on offer.

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