Free UK delivery over £40 (mainland, exc. highlands)

Softwood log nets x 50 (local delivery)


£3.00 per net / £90.36 per m3 — reduced price for local delivery

Easy to carry 30 litre nets with a draw string (10-12 logs per net)

All our softwood is larch — a native British species

Larch has the highest carolific value of any softwood = burns hotter and longer

Our larch timber is harvested from sustainable managed woodland only 3 miles from our yard — very eco-friendly 🙂


Our softwood logs are made from locally sourced larch timber. Larch timber has the highest calorific value of any softwood [1]. For this reason larch firewood is gaining in popularity as an alternative fuel source to hardwood species. Softwood logs are less dense than hardwood and so they burns easier and quicker however, this means more wood is needed for the same heat output. Because softwood grows faster than hardwood it takes less time for a softwood plantation to mature which means softwood logs are the cheapest firewood we sell.

All of our softwood logs are larch timber that comes from a large coniferous plantation less than 3 miles from our log yard, therefore it uses less fuel to transport and so has the smallest carbon footprint of any of our products, which makes us happy 🙂

These logs have been dried naturally, using the power of the sun and wind during the summer months and then moved to be stored in our large barns, fighting for space with sheep and cattle on our family farm.

We are experienced at seasoning large volumes of firewood. The Logwise timber yard is lucky because it is nestled on the foothills of Nidderdale. This topography has guided the Yorkshire wind that has helped sculpt the incredible Brimham Rocks’ formations just a few miles away. Loose filling vented bags and stacking them outdoors during the summer allows this wind to flow through the bags and reach the logs in the centre. This is important because seasoning in a large heap does not allow air to circulate to the central logs.

Through the Logwise Quality Assured system, detailed information, including the species and woodland is provided with every order.