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Hardwood logs – 0.8m3 bulk bag (local delivery)


All our hardwood is sourced locally and processed on our farm in Nidderdale, North Yorkshire

Logwise Local has expanded so we now offer these logs at this reduced price to HG, LS, BD, HD, HX & BB postcodes

Sustainable forestry: we have planted 500’000 trees throughout the north of England

Donating money to the Woodland Trust’s forestry management programmes helps to ensure British woodlands remain a renewable source for timber


These hardwood logs have been dried naturally, using the power of the sun and wind during the summer months and then moved to be stored in our large barns, fighting for space with sheep and cattle on our family farm. The timber used to make our hardwood logs is sourced  from FSC certified woodland within 75 miles of our yard.

Logwise Local: reduced prices for local delivery.
We have partnered with a local delivery company. This means we  now offer our Logwise Local products at reduced prices for deliveries to an address in a HG, LS, BD, HD, HX & BB postcode.

We are experienced at seasoning large volumes of firewood. The Logwise timber yard is lucky because it is nestled on the foothills of Nidderdale. This topography has guided the Yorkshire wind that has helped sculpt the incredible Brimham Rocks formations just a few miles away. Loose filling vented bags and stacking them outdoors during the summer allows this wind to flow through the bag and reach the logs in the centre. This is important because seasoning in a large heap does not allow air to circulate to the central logs.

We use specifically made 1.2 cubic metre and 0.8 cubic metre bags with distinctive mosquito netting and vented sides to store and deliver our logs. This is the most efficient method of seasoning firewood whilst keeping the logs clean. Seasoned firewood is also sold in 60 cm x 45 cm nets.

Our standard size of log is 23 cm (9”) long and 5 cm – 15 cm wide [+/-5%], however, we also sell these logs in 30cm to 45 cm lengths for larger stoves, fires and biomass boilers.

We always recommend our logs are kept in a shed, garage or a log store.

Through the Logwise Quality Assured system, detailed information, including the species and woodland is provided with every order.